Our New Home : Update 1

Last week we met with our architect for the first time and presented her with our rough drafts and inspiration images for the vision we have for our home. If you missed the very first post about our new home, you can head there to get caught up and read all of our plans, and see a few inspiration images.

Here are the inspiration images we had sourced and saved and presented in a hard copy to our architect along with our drafts to ensure she could get a clear understanding of the aesthetic we are trying to achieve for our home.

During the meeting, she quickly began making notes and revisions to our drafts and we talked through a lot of questions we all had.

Two Things We Learned During The Meeting
  • 01 // We ultimately decided to eliminate our island from the plans because if we include a kitchen island on the plans, electrical has to run to the island. At this point we are undecided whether we will want a vintage piece for our island or to have something custom made similar to our island now. Regardless, we knew we did not want a stationary piece and electrical wasn’t necessary.
  • 02 // Our connection laundry/mudroom will need to be two-story in order to have enough space to house the stairs for our Guest Room/Studio above the garage.

There are so many little details you have to think about and talk through when building or remodeling. Like we mentioned in our last post, there are a lot of things we knew exactly what we wanted, but there are still things we are trying to figure out, research, and come to a conclusion on before the first round of our preliminary drawings are complete in 2-3 weeks.

One of the things we did decide on is the exterior material of our home. We first thought we would want a mixture of siding and brick, or stucco and brick (all white), however, after our first meeting, we know we want to use all brick (painted white) along with wood accents like a wood lintel on the entrance of our home. We ultimately decided on all brick for a couple of reasons- One, our home will sit on family land of which there are 5 homes (6 after ours is built) and 4 out of 5 of those homes are all brick. Two, we are building a modern traditional home with some european farmhouse influences and feel brick best fits within the aesthetic we are trying to achieve. Three, durability and longevity.

This modern tudor home by The Fox Group is serving as major inspiration- We love the white brick paired with the lighter roof and darker windows.

Design & Photo by The Fox Group

Here are some things we are still undecided on
  • 01 // Where to place our shower niche, controls, heads (stationary & pull down), and seat.
  • 02 // If we want our windows to come below our free standing tub or not.
  • 03 // Since we are doing both, where to do casement & double-hung windows (we think we are mostly decided on this).
  • 04 // Muntins or no muntins.
  • 05 // Master Bath vanity- vessel or undermount sinks
  • 06 // White, Black, or Grey exterior windows (interior will be white)
  • 07 // Controls for Master Bath tub (on the wall, on the tub, or freestanding)
  • 08 // Fireplace wall and hearth is a big design element we are still trying to figure out.
  • 09 // Bedroom window placement (which we think we are 70% decided on doing the only exterior wall full of windows)
  • 10 // Kitchen shelves to the left wall of the sink. (if you look at the sketch above, you will see where she wrote “full wall” which is where we anticipate putting some floating shelves)

There are so many other details, but for right now, these are the areas we are trying to decide on. Not going to lie, we are feeling an immense amount of pressure since we are the designers of our own home- we know this will be our forever home and essentially want everything to be “perfect”, however, we also are realistic and know that no matter what, 10 years from now, we are likely there will be things we will want to change so we are trying to not put too much pressure on ourselves.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the areas we are still trying to decide on, if you want to comment below!!

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  • Laine

    We have a freestanding tub in our master bath.  We chose a freestanding faucet and controls.  One real advantage is that it has a handheld waterhead which comes in really handy for cleaning/rinsing the tub.  Wall mounted faucets won’t give you that feature.  Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

  • Dani

    This is exciting and so very cool! I used to want to be an architect – so impressive to me 🙂 ReplyCancel

    • Fun fact- I started my major in Interior Design (before switching to Graphic Design) and took two architect/drafting classes and loved it!ReplyCancel

  • […] you missed our Update 1 post, head there to read how the first meeting with our architect went, but in that initial meeting, we […]ReplyCancel

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