Our New Home : Update 2

Design by Pencil & Paper Co. | Photography by Leslee Mitchell | As seen on SMP Living

We received our first round of plans from our Architect two weeks ago. After seeing everything to scale and seeing the 2D rendering, we quickly began making changes to our original plan and adjusting things like window size/placement, sill heights, door placements, moving the right side of the house forward 6 feet, and extending the sunroom back 4 feet, along with other changes which we will get to in just a minute! Overall, we are pretty set on our adjustments and are excited to see the next round of plans with the adjustments we requested.

In the photo above you will see we started by making changes to the actual 2D plans and then listed out each change on paper. We decided to extend the right side of the home forward by 6 feet for three reasons. One, to change the roof line on the front of the home so our master bathroom will have it’s own pitch; Two, to add three feet of square footage to our Master Bedroom, and Three, to add the additional three feet to the kitchen to have room for an enclosed cabinet beside the refrigerator.

We also sketched out the back of house after deciding to extend the Sunroom outwards. By extending the Sunroom back 4 feet, we are able to reposition the back door and add additional cabinet space to the back kitchen counter. By adding 4 feet we also have more room to add one more window to the Sunroom.

Design by Meagan Rae Interiors | Photo by Trav Richardson

Other changes we decided on was to break up all of the white brick exterior by incorporating Cedar or Composite Shake to the Studio above the garage. We are also talking about adding it to one of the gables on the front exterior as well but we haven’t committed to this yet. During our research, we did find out about Composite Hardie Shake Shingle Siding and also Polymer Cedar Shake Shingles (say that five times fast). We love the look of natural Cedar Shake once it has aged, but the cost on top of the maintenance and longevity with the extreme weather conditions here in Florida, the Cement Fiber or Polymer seem like the better options for us! We will continue to do our research on these two materials and be sure to update once we learn more regarding safety, compliance with the International Building Code, and insurance standards for Hurricane prone areas.

How did we send notes to our architect?

We made the changes by sketching and jotting down notes… we then made sure everything made sense aesthetically and functionally. For example, one of the things we changed on a lot of the windows was the sill height. We decided to lower the sills on the front entry and back hallway, and move the sills up in the master bathroom and master bedroom. We then compiled the notes into a hierarchy by categorizing them into Exterior and Interior and then sub-categorizing them into Front Elevation, Right, Left, Back… Below we listed just a few notes we made for you to see how we listed them out.

Just a few Notes to our Architect


Great Room

  1. Reworking the fireplace by removing the storage closet and converting the space beside the fireplace to a built-in. (See sketch titled Fireplace)
  2. 42” Pre-Fab Fireplace instead of 36”
  3. Cutout for firewood 36” wide x 60” tall. (See photo attached titled Firewood)

Master Bedroom

  1. We will be doing sliding barn doors instead of french doors. Opening will remain the same.
  2. Adding 3’ to Bedroom as mentioned above.
  3. Move closet door to the right so it is aligned with other closet door.

Master Bathroom

  1. Shower controls, niche and seat- (See attached titled Master Shower)
  2. We will be extending the counter down to the left towards the bedroom wall for vanity sitting area.

If you missed our Update 1 post, head there to read how the first meeting with our architect went, but in that initial meeting, we were told that the connection laundry/mudroom space would need to be two story to house our stairs. We knew we didn’t want this 2-story, however, we decided to give it a shot and wait to see the plans before making anything final… well after seeing the 2D rendering, it solidified what we already knew, we did NOT want the connection space being 2-story. So, we figured up a few ideas and drew the connection space back to one story and decided to include a door and windows on either side similar to the photo above. We also made a note for this area to have a metal roof just like the front and back porch roofs.

Questions from you :

Q : How much is this costing you?

A : The first step when building is to have your preliminary plans drawn so you know how much the home will cost to build. Which is the step we are in right now. Once the preliminary plans are finalized, we will be able to get a good idea of cost.

Q : Who is your builder?

A : We are! While this answer can seem confusing to some, we are calling ourselves the builder. This means, we will not be using a general contractor to build our home, therefor there will not be a contractors fee we will have to pay. In our area, most contractors charge a 10-20% fee of the overall cost of the completed project. We will be pulling permits and hiring individuals for each part of the build- foundation, framing, plumbing, sheetrocking, roofing…

What’s Next?

We know, we know… right now this is all more technical than exciting, but we want to be sure we are updating you as things happen so you can understand our process! Next, we will be meeting with our architect again next week to answer any questions she may have before receiving our second round of plans.

If you have any questions for us about the process so far, comment below and we will be sure to answer!

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