Our Goals, What’s Holding Us Back, & What Jenna Kutcher Told Us

I had another blogpost scheduled for today and didn’t plan on writing this post, but last night I started to think more about our goals and aspirations (it seems ideas always strike at night time) so I decided to post in our Instagram stories and ask YOU what dreams you are holding back on. Honestly, the response was overwhelming in the best way… I woke up this morning and tried to answer everyone back asking what it was they thought was the main reason holding them back from achieving said dream, and there was common theme in almost every answer… FEAR. Fear of not knowing where to start, fear of investing time and energy into something that won’t be reciprocated, or just fear of not being good enough aka striving for PERFECTIONISM.

So this morning, while finishing our coffee, we listed out our FIVE GOALS.

  1. Launch an Intro to Photography Course, Interior Photography Course, & Branding Course.
  2. Launch our Presets
  3. Launch Our Exclusive Collection of Prints
  4. Invest & Renovate an Income Vacation Property
  5. Publish a photo based coffee table book

These are all things we have been thinking and talking about for YEARS. Did you know we actually have a contact for a publisher and was influenced to pitch a PDF of our photos for a book and we never did… or did you know that we have given many people photography advice over the years and now those people have launched courses and presets? Did you know we have an entire library of exclusive photographs and artwork we have been wanting to share and sell? 

Want to know what has been holding us back? FEAR. The same fears you all have. We hear you. You know that saying “nothing changes if nothing changes”? We all have these amazing and wonderful ideas inside of us and what good are we doing if we aren’t sharing them? What is even scarier to think is we have all had these ideas in us for years… YEARS! What is going to happen if those same years just continue to pass by until we are 75 years old and it is too late.

Last night I text Jenna Kutcher– if you follow her, you know one of her goals for this year was community and one of the ways she is trying to expand her community is by creating a number where YOU/anyone can text her. The conversation starts with a generic/automatic reply, and then at some point she responds with a voice text. Want to know what she said to us? “Done is better than perfect. Do you want to die with this information in you or do you want to just put it out there? You can always tweak, you can always change, you can always improve, you can always add to it. Just get it out there because you know all of these things and people can benefit from that. Zero good is happening when you withhold them from the world.”


Sometimes that is all you need.

Failure helps promote growth. So don’t be afraid of failure. If it is something you are passionate about- YOU will succeed.

I didn’t mean for this to be a deep post, and if you made it this far, bless you LOL. But Justin and I do hope that we can all make this decade a better one by setting aside our fears and achieving success by believing in ourselves and sharing with YOU more than just interior styling tips or pretty photography (which we love sharing!) but also leaving you with MORE…more knowledge, more encouragement, more community, and more ardor.

If you want to share your goals or aspirations with us, comment below- we would love to hear them!

Happy Weekend!

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  • Alyssa

    I love this post… thanks so much for sharing. Jenna is definitely right! We should not be keeping our great ideas inside—let it out! <3
    And just to give you some encouragement, I have never bought presets before because I haven’t found any that I love… until I came across your account. I would buy yours in a heartbeat. Also! I would love a signed copy of your coffee table book!!!
    Love you guys! You are THE dream team!!!! ReplyCancel

    • Hi Alyssa!! So happy you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for the words of encouragement back!! Your support means the world!ReplyCancel

  • Beautifully stated! That Jenna Kutcher is full of wisdom I think each and every one of us needs to hear and try to live by! 
    I’ve just recently discovered your blog, but I must say, I love everything I’m seeing so far.  Your aesthetic is beautiful! I’ll certainly be back to follow along, and best of luck with your goals!!ReplyCancel

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