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Do you have a space in your home that harbors anxiety? Maybe a linen closet, your main closet, laundry or mudroom…? Somewhere that could function better for you and your family but you have been putting it off and just living with it… Below I am sharing 5 simple steps to help you turn chaos […]

How to Turn Chaos into Creativity, Function, and Organization


If you missed this post, we talked all about this project- we shared the before photos and plans for the space… yes, our laundry is inside our main closet… while it sounds practical, it definitely wasn’t in the before state. We didn’t have any space to fold clothes, piles of laundry constantly covered the floor […]

Laundry Reveal : How We Made Our Laundry Closet More Functional


Yesterday, we shared on our Instagram that we rearranged our living room again… if you saw our last living room post, this layout is our original layout. We love the last layout, and may end up going back to it at some point, but this layout is more intimate and feels cozy. We also hadn’t […]

Our Intimate Living Room


Happy first day of spring! Does it feel like spring where you are? It has been pretty chilly down here in Florida the past few days- it was 40º this morning! But, the garden is enjoying the cooler weather and our Viburnum is in bloom which is a sure sign of spring, so I decided […]

Dining Room Spring Hutch


I have never loved our bedroom more- but in order to really appreciate the after, let me remind you of where we started… Before Once I decided what paint color and wall treatment I wanted to do (I decided to just match our attached bathroom so everything flowed and felt cohesive) we painted the top […]

Bedroom Before & After


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