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This post is more of an accountability post for me/us… but I love sharing what is currently inspiring me and what my hopes are for this new year so, here is a look ahead… More Less Justin and I are really hopeful for all that we have planned for this year- also knowing things can […]

A Look Ahead, 2024 Inspiration


If you missed it, read last week’s Retells to get caught up on why I started this casual series… it is honestly so nice to be able to share noteworthy moments in a permanent location that can be easily accessed at any time by you- I truly hope our online home is a resource for […]

Retells : Fall Branches, How I Drink My Coffee, Cozy Cardigan, & Homemade Garden Sauce


Summer is my least favorite season… I know, I’ve said that before. But, combine 100º temps, humidity, mosquitos, constant sweat… and the fact that summer temps really last May-October here in Florida, when the cool crisp weather finally hits, it brings all the feels… so when I’m needing a spark of creativity or a pick […]

Summer Foraging


The smell of the warm breeze and fresh cut grass, the sound of cicadas and frogs by the pond, magnolias in bloom and afternoon thunderstorms… these are some of the most distinct sounds and smells of summer to me. I cannot believe half of this year is already gone… but the second half is just […]

Welcoming Summer


I shared a little bit about our garden in this post, but today, I am inviting you in at the first official look of our spring garden. I mentioned here that this garden has been a special and even sacred space to me… it has been one year since we built out this space, during […]

Spring Garden Tour and Q&A


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