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ShopMy vs LTK

Lifestyle, Shopping — March 29, 2024

What is ShopMy & LTK? They are platforms where creators can monetize their content by sharing the brands they love and earning a commission on sales…

I remember when we first started our blog and Instagram and I would constantly see ‘’ while reading other blogposts or other creators would ask us if we had LTK and I had NO idea what it was… fast forward many years later where new platforms are emerging and a portion of our income comes from affiliate marketing through LTK.

I will say one thing I have learned over the last couple of years- consistency is KEY. Sharing daily on the LTK app to grow your audience and increase sales which in turn lead to commission earned. Now, don’t believe the misconception where creators are making 6 figures a month through affiliate marketing… I am sure some are… but that is not the majority of us. In full transparency, we make 4 figures per month and that by creating and sharing every day. Not every brand has a high percentage of payout… some brands only pay 1-3%, which means if a brand only pays 1% of commission from the total amount of a sale that is $100.00, you (as the creator and reason for the sale) will only make $1.00. LTK has been the primary platform where creators and influencers are able to share their favorite brands to make a commission on sales, until now.

ShopMy is a new platform where you can monetize your favorite products from brands you love by creating a custom storefront that is simple and clean. In your storefront, you will be able to add any product you want, though not every product is commissionable. To sum up, it’s a cohesive place where you can link any of your home and lifestyle favorites in whatever hierarchy you choose.

In this post, I am not going to get into the details of Cookie windows and sponsorships and collaborations because I want this post to make sense for all readers, not just creators in our industry.

However, below, I am going to talk about the pros and cons of LTK vs ShopMy regardless of if you are a shopper or creator.

Pros & Cons of LTK vs ShopMy


  • LTK has an app for creators/brands and an app for shoppers/readers where you can follow and easily find your favorite creators to shop their products.
  • LTK offers a cohesive way for creators to categorize products and links on the backend where you can easily find a link you want to share.
  • LTK offers widgets that you can embed on your website in unique ways to help drive more sales, like you see here-
  • LTK has more brands that are commissionable


  • ShopMy has a clean and simple aesthetic with a layout that is much more straight forward and easier to navigate IMO
  • ShopMy offers different formats for you to share products and layout your storefront how you want
  • ShopMy allows you to link a product on your storefront even if a brand isn’t commissionable
  • ShopyMy brands offer a higher commission
  • ShopMy offers bonuses once you reach a new tier which is calculated on your performance


  • You are limited on how your page is laid out which can make navigating a bit difficult if you are unfamiliar with a specific creator’s page
  • You can only link products that are from commissionable brands affiliated with LTK (so not any product like ShopMy allows)
  • When a reader clicks on a link to your LTK page through Instagram, it will prompt them to download the app, where they will need to exit out of in order to visit your page. This extra step often results in people exiting out and not visiting your page to convert to a sale.


  • In order to find a creator’s shop, you have to have their custom link or google ‘ShopMy and creator’s name’ since there is no app where you can follow and easily access your favorite creators content and products. Our link will be easily accessible on our website and also in the link on our Instagram profile.
  • All of your links are together in one folder so there isn’t a way to categorize your links as a creator (this in only a CON for the creator of the storefront, not the shopper)
  • Since ShopMy is newer, they do not have as many brands offering commission, yet!

Trust me, I know all of this can sound overwhelming, and a lot to manage… it is. Between our own blog, Instagram, Pinterest, LTK, Amazon Storefront, ShopMy, and working on our new newsletter… it’s A LOT. In conclusion, if you are a reader, I hope you will enjoy the new layout of ShopMy and the convenience and ease to navigate and shop all of our favorites in one spot! If you are a creator, I hope you found this information helpful!

Explore our LTK Page Here

Visit our ShopMy Storefront Here

Are you a creator and want to start your own ShopMy storefront? Click Here!

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