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Classic Cottage Garden Front Porch

Design — April 11, 2024

If you saw our plans for this space, you know I was inspired by a classic cottage garden aesthetic and wanted to bring in lots of flowers, woven textures, and classic garden pots- I absolutely love how this space came together and I am excited to share it with you today!

First, the goal was to add a bistro table with chairs- a little place for us to sit and enjoy our coffee in the mornings. Second, I wanted to highlight two classic handwoven swivel chairs where we can sit in the evenings while the kids are playing out front.

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We love having this bistro table on the front porch… it fills this space so well- we went with the 30″ table but it is also available in a 24″ and 36″ depending on your space and needs. We went with the color Rosemary as I wanted a little bit of contrast with our white exterior, but there are so many color options available!

I love the mossy green distressing on these planters and the sweet scalloped detail around the rim. I planted Cosmos and Golden Dyssodia. I used moss on top of the soil for a more classic garden feel.

This “chat set” has been SO fun! I love how they bring a classic look to our front porch with the handwoven wicker, but they are so practical since they swivel 360º.

“Handwoven from all-weather wicker, this easy-care collection captures the textural and tonal beauty of rattan while defying the elements.” The tone of the wicker is so pretty and I love how it pairs with the outdoor rug and warms up the space.

Did you know we have a garden cat? Despite Justin’s best effort (kidding, but he does not like cats haha), Mixi (our kids named her) showed up one year ago and she has been here ever since!

I decided on a whim that I wanted to try this shelf on our porch and I am so glad the idea popped into my head- I love having this vintage piece out here.

Now, onto the other side of our front porch by the front door…

I incorporated a woven doormat to tie in the woven chairs and classic white planters to bring that cottage garden aesthetic to life.

Here, I planted hydrangeas and English Ivy along with Alyssum.


The three things you need to bring your cottage garden front porch dreams to life?

01. Woven Textures – swivel armchairs, planters, doormat…

02. Bistro Table – a place to sit and enjoy your cup of coffee or a bowl of pasta…

03. Flowers & Planters – mixed planters to create that balance of old and new filled with flowers you can cut and bring inside to enjoy…


tell us what you think !

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