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2023 Year in Review

Design, Lifestyle, Projects — January 1, 2024

I wish I could share a pretty curated video recap of 2023 over on Instagram and talk about what an amazing year it was… truthfully, it was a harder year for us- financially, mentally… a lot of what we had hoped and anticipated for 2023 didn’t come to fruition.

And yet, I’m grateful for many things- patience learned, more time spent with our children as we began our homeschool journey, our health, finalizing our house plans… just to name a few.

Today, I wanted to share some of our favorite moments from the year through the different months and seasons…


We shared our living room arranged in a new way, talked about family-friendly performance fabrics, and foundational layers.


We shared some new additions to our bedroom where we added beadboard and fresh paint.


This month we spent a lot of time outside prepping our garden… I didn’t share much this month but I did share our English Muffin recipe and our hutch styled with pretty Viburnum blooms.


We revealed our garden space with you all… a space that has taught us all so much.

We shared our spring bedroom which was one of our most-liked photos of 2023.

And we also shared our cozy living room space.


We revealed our closet and laundry space which has been a total game changer for us and how we function- this is hands down our favorite project of 2023.

We also made a DIY lamp out of a vase and love how it turned out.


We revealed the new addition to our front porch which we have enjoyed SO much!

We also shared a variety of summer plants on our front porch to create a garden-inspired welcoming entry.


We shared our kitchen essentials and everything that we love IN our kitchen and use daily.

We also met with our architect this month to begin our house plans. I drew our house plans back in January 2023 on a piece of paper and then scaled everything on our iPad… we finally presented those plans and ideas to our architect 6 months later and was able to see this rendering back in October. I will be sharing so much more of this entire process in the coming months!


We welcomed fall in our sunroom.


We shared our favorite faux fall-inspired branches.


We shared our fall layered bedroom.

We shared our Thanksgiving Tablescape

Along with a favorite recipe- Fingerling Sweet Potatoes.


The start of Christmas… we shared our Classic Holiday Bedroom

Our Christmas tree (which went viral and ended with with almost 50k likes on Instagram- what?!)


We shared our Holiday Living Room

and our charming Christmas Front Porch

Looking back on these photos, it makes me so happy to see how well we have loved our home and being able to create these different moments through the season to share with you… to hopefully inspire you to love your home well, too.

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of this wonderful community- tomorrow, I will be sharing a look ahead at what we are hopeful for in this new year. Happy New Year, friends!

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