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Closet Reveal : Completely Transforming Our Dated Closet into a Dressing Room, Closet, & Laundry

Design, Projects — May 6, 2023

Did you see yesterday’s Laundry Reveal?? Today, we are finally sharing the rest of this space- Our Closet Makeover!

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In order to really appreciate this space, I have to share and compare all of the before photos with you (as embarrassing as they may be)!

For reference, our 8′ x 9′ closet also houses our washer/dryer laundry space, if you missed yesterday’s Laundry Reveal, definitely read this post to see those before/afters too!



Can you even believe this is the same room?! This entire space is my new favorite spot in the house haha! As you can see in the before, we had the standard wire shelving that was buckling in places, with no intentional storage… Now, we have a 6′ section for me, a 4′ section for Justin with drawer storage, enclosed storage, and thoughtfully designed linen boxes that hold so much and fit perfectly within this closet system.



The Hold Everything Closet System is completely customizable, thoughtfully designed, and so easy to put together and install! I also Rub’nBuffed our ceiling-mount light fixtures to match the other brass details in this space.

I still cannot get over these before/afters!



I love the enclosed storage cabinet with glass… really elevates the entire look! These shelves are also around 19″ deep, which is deeper than our old shelving and can hold so much!

My Denim Bar might be one of my favorite details- I just used garden hooks to slide onto the bar to hold my jeans.

These wooden white hangers are minimal and seamless… small details like this help to make this entire space feel more elevated.

This system is made out of Solid Wood, Metal, and MDF- they are constructed to last… so sturdy, such a simple and beautiful design!

The linen drawer storage is so great to hold jewelry, belts, and any of those little extra things like a wool comb, buttons… that get thrown here and there.

I was so happy to have just enough space in between these two systems for a floor mirror, vanity stool, and picture light for accent lighting.

We also added a 3′ x 5′ rug in here and I love the texture it adds!

This battery picture light was such a great find… it really elevated this space and was only $34! And how pretty are those linen boxes? I have my scarves, beanies, and game day t-shirts stored in there.

This vanity stool makeover was a DIY… I purchased this stool, removed the cushion top, stained the base in Sherwin-Williams WoodScapes Mountain Ash, Varathane English Chestnut, and Minwax Weathered Oak, covered the cushion in leftover fabric from this curtain panel, reattached the top and now I have a pretty custom stool that matches our laundry counter curtain!

The last DIY in this space was this wood cover that Justin built to hide our electrical panel. We attached a strip of wood to the wall and hung this framed wood cover onto the wood strip to cover the electrical panel. It is easy to remove to access the panel, but for aesthetic and functional purposes, we attached a brass hook onto the box to hang clothes or accessories on.

What do you think? I can’t believe how much we were able to fit into this small space and how much larger it feels now!

Laundry Space




Have any questions? Leave us a comment and we will be happy to answer! 🙂

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  1. Julie K says:

    I’ve already purchased a DIY modular system from PB only to find it won’t work in my closet. Now looking at this option. It’s pricey so I don’t want to purchase if it won’t work. I can’t find any instructions, videos or pictures that show and tell me how it needs to be attached to the wall. I want to be sure it’s flexible so I can connect it to the studs in my closet. Appreciate any info you can share!

    • Hi! We did not attach ours to the walls… it is recommended, but is totally secure and study without attaching it. However, the system comes with a guides to place onto your wall and video instructions to ensure you are attaching it where you want.

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