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Kitchen Essentials : Our Must Haves

Shopping — July 22, 2023

A sweet follower sent us this message last week- “I’d love your take on what kitchen gadgets you deem essential. I have SO many things and I know I’d feel more comfortable if I downsized but am hesitant to let go of something I MIGHT need in the future….even if I’ve never used it at this point. For instance how many and what kind of knives you recommend, cookware, bakeware…”

I thought it made for a great topic that could be helpful to many so today, I am sharing our kitchen essentials- items we use every day, some days, or the items we only use a few times a year but that I still deem essential.

Get the Look

It has been a while since I have shared our kitchen- to be honest, there are a lot of things I would change about the design of this kitchen… for example, do I wish the cabinets were creamy, the countertops were marble, there were no uppers and more natural light and brass finishes? YES! But, I can wholeheartedly say I love everything IN our kitchen! The things that I have carefully selected to fill our kitchen to make cooking and baking for my family special and enjoyable.

I hope this will inspire you that even if your kitchen isn’t your dream kitchen, that you can still find joy in the everyday little things that you bring into your kitchen.

Kitchen Essentials

KNIVES : These are the only three knives I use for meal prep and cooking. Shun Knives are my favorite and well-worth the investment. I have mine in the Onyx handle, but would love to eventually add the Blonde handles to my collection.

01 Shun Classic Paring Knife, 02 Shun Classic Utility Knife, 03 Shun Classic Chef’s Knife & Cleaver

PREP : From measuring spoons, to rolling pin, marble pastry board, berry strainers (to wash fruits and vegetables), mixing bowls and cutting boards- these are all essential pieces that I use daily.

01 Measuring Spoons, 02 Mortar & Pestle, 03 Rolling Pin, 04 Bread Knife, 05 Dough Cutter/Scraper, 06 Cake Tester, 07 Mixing Bowls, 08 Wooden Utensils, 09 Cutting Boards, 10 Pastry Board, 11 Berry Strainer

SMALL APPLIANCES : These are the only small appliances we use and love. The KitchenAid Mixer I use for mixing, kneading dough, whipping creams and frostings, shredding chicken… The Immersion Blender I use for pureeing soups, making applesauces, finely chopping nuts, pie crusts, blending for sauces… This toaster is wonderful because it also doubles as a small oven. I use the NutriBullet for making smoothies and Dutch Babies.

01 KitchenAid Mixer, 02 Immersion Blender, 03 Toaster Oven, 04 Milk Frother, 05 Coffee Bean Grinder, 06 NutriBullet, 07 Pasta Roller

COOKWARE & BAKEWARE : This is the only non-stick and non-toxic cookware we love and use multiple times a day. We also use our Dutch Oven in place of a crockpot- for baking roasts, breads, slow-cooked meals, soups on the stovetop… I currently have a Staub kettle that matches my Dutch Oven, but I love the Caraway cream kettle. Skillets are also used for a lot of searing, cooking, and baking!

01 Cookware, 02 Dutch Oven, 03 Kettle, 04 Skillet, 05 Bakeware

SERVEWARE : My favorite dinnerware, flatware, and serving bowls and platters.

01 Serving Bowl, 02 Flatware, 03 Stoneware Platter, 04 Dinnerware, 05 Large Serving Bowl, 06 Cake Stand

Favorite Small Shops For Kitchen & Utilitarian

Anything I missed or any questions? Let me know in the comments!

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