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Fall in Our Sunroom

Design — August 31, 2023

Kicking off this year’s fall content today with the coziest room in the house!

This space has looked pretty different through the years- first, as our screened-in back porch, then a couple of versions of a white sunroom with stone pavers, to today, a moody and cozy space where we have been spending most of our days. This room now serves as our homeschool room, so we decided to add a round table for the kids and us to sit at, a cozy rug, sitting chair for reading or working, all surrounded by linen cafe curtains.

Justin walked in here the other night and said, “this room feels completely different now”, and it feels perfect.

Because I chose a vintage pine table and chair for this space- I wanted to use modern framed art in here to create a subtle focal point for your eyes to rest. I have always loved Chelsea Fly’s art and was thrilled when she announced her recent collaboration with Pottery Barn! Her art is simple and beautiful and these framed pieces are replications on raw canvas with a frayed edge creating the perfect organic art piece for any space.

Seen here are Petite Horizons 1 & 3.

We added cafe curtains around all 7 windows in the room which makes it feel cozy and intimate. If you are wondering how we hung the curtains, check out this post.

Also, if you have been here for any amount of time, you know that I have never been a fan of faux florals or foliage, I usually always style with and recommend forages or dried- however, this year, I wanted to try a couple of faux options and am SO impressed with these faux fall branches! They resemble real branches and the colors are so great, can’t recommend them enough.

I am loving this neutral pillow combination back here against the warm dark paint color.

This heavyweight linen pillow with ruffle edge adds so much interest alongside the simple block-print pillow.

Candlelight always creates a warm and inviting atmosphere and candle sconces are the perfect way to add interest to a wall where you don’t want art- I love the subtle contrast this scalloped sconce creates and the glow it adds in here.

Even the pups love relaxing back here… this space has truly become one of our favorite spots to spend with the kids, look over a magazine or read a book with a cup of tea in hand. I can see many nights spent in here building puzzles with the kids over the next few months.

Cozy Tip– I love drinking Green Tea in the late afternoons or evenings with dinner- lately, in place of honey, I have been adding some Maple syrup to my cup and the flavor is warm and delicious… especially during the fall season.


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