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Favorite Fall Branches and Stems

Design, Shopping — September 14, 2023

If you read this post and this one, you know I have been using beautiful faux fall stems this year to style with. As I mentioned in those posts, colorful fall foliage is more difficult to come by down here in Florida, especially this time of year, but having these branches have been so nice and a lovely way to add color and organic texture into our home.

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Tall Faux Grape Ivy Branch in Green Eggplant

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I have two branches in the vase below. The stems bend easily, so I just bent the bottom by curling it until it fit inside the vase how I wanted. Looking for this similar vase? Check Here.

I love the tones in these branches and the browns and how much they look like these foraged branches I styled last fall.

Sharing more of our living room look tomorrow here on the blog with all of the sources, keep an eye out for that post- you won’t want to miss those pillows!

Nandina Leaf Branch & Grape Ivy Branch

In the vase below, I have a clipping from one Nandina Leaf Branch and a clipping from one Grape Ivy Branch. When I am styling in a vase, if I feel like the branches look too heavy and there isn’t enough airflow, I will use wire cutters to clip some of the smaller stems off of the main stem to make it look more open. I used those clippings to style in this vase on our kitchen shelf.

Again, I love the subtle color and depth that these stems can add to any space.

Artificial Nandina Leaf Branch

Here I am using 2 branches in this vase. The branches spread out really nice making for a fuller look. If you want to add a clipping from another stem like I suggested above, or use 3 stems for a fuller look, that would work also. I would recommend purchasing at least 3 of these branches and playing around with them.

I love using lower vases like this one to allow the foliage to really stand out!

Another tip would be to mix your real and faux branches for a more realistic look.

Quick Styling Tip

One design mistake I see so often is when styling stems or branches in a vase. You know when you see a wall where the photos or mirror was hung too high and it sticks out like a sore thumb? That’s how I feel when I see stems or branches (real, faux, or dried) stylede in a vase where the vase has more height than the stems. When styling branches, make sure that your branches are at least the same height as your vessel or vase or higher! You never want them to be shorter than the vase- this will make them look stumpy and will put more emphasis on your vase rather than the stems.

Afloral Faux Fall Stems

Use code : LAINEANDLAYNE20 for 20% off $100+

Looking for a source? Check this post, this post, and our kitchen shop.

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