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Bedroom Before & After

Design, Projects — February 1, 2023

I have never loved our bedroom more- but in order to really appreciate the after, let me remind you of where we started…


Once I decided what paint color and wall treatment I wanted to do (I decided to just match our attached bathroom so everything flowed and felt cohesive) we painted the top half of the walls in BM White Dove and then hung and installed beadboard and trim. Once the beadboard was installed, we gave all of the woodwork a fresh coat of paint in Valspar High Hide White.


Our Bed is a DIY

We decided to wrap our headboard in the same linen as our bedding– it’s such a beautiful color and I was wanting to add some contrast and interest.

Our bed frame is as simple as four pieces of Cedar wood attached together with corner braces that sits on the floor around our box springs. I applied a coat of SW WoodScapes Mountain Ash to the Cedar so the color would closely resemble our white Oak nightstands.

Before I show you the other side of the room, can we talk about how beautiful this linen Toffee color is? Perfect for spring (and all year round), it’s a pretty neutral with a bit more depth!

One thing that I intentionally do when it comes to designing our home is keep repetition in mind- it’s one thing I rely on to ensure one space feels cohesive with the next. Remember our cafe curtains in our bathroom? I had some of that fabric left over after making those curtains and decided to make an envelope-style pillow for our bed to subtly repeat that pattern.

I love how the beadboard adds character on the walls- I contemplated painting the walls dark in here, but ultimately decided to keep the room warm and bright and to add interest by installing the beadboard.

Justin and I were trying to count how many DIYs were in this space and I think we landed on 6, one being the tiny silhouette art of our kids hanging by my nightstand. I love how they turned out so much and the little personal and vintage element they add.

Warm and cozy enough for winter, but also ready for spring… this Belgian Linen bedding is our favorite- the quality is unmatched and the fibers just get softer with every wash. I love all of these warm tones together and the contrast the Ivories and Neutrals create.

Ok, now onto the other side of the room- we haven’t had a dresser in our room in quite some time and I was so excited to finally add some storage back in here.

We decided on this tall charcoal dresser to save space width-wise in the room. I love how deep the drawers are and the functionality of the pull out shelf.

I have been more intentional about the art I bring into our home- I chose this piece by Aileen Fitzgerald that perfectly pairs with the dresser. I love the charcoal landscape drawing and the organic nature of the piece paired with foraged branches.

I wanted a large mirror to add visual height to our room and to also bounce light that comes in through our windows- we softened the metal frame and size of the mirror by hanging Ivory linen curtains and adding a linen sitting chair and I love how this sweet little corner turned out.

This lumbar pillow was another DIY- I used leftover floral fabric I had from making August’s bedding and I used the same linen as our bedding for the backside of the pillow.

Recap & Simple Tips to Transform Your Bedroom

01 Wall Treatment & Paint – consider adding tongue and groove (vertical or horizontal), beadboard, picture frame molding… and never underestimate the power of paint! Whether you would like to keep the space light and bright, or would like to go dark and moody, paint can completely transform a space!

02 Vintage Elements – lighting, vases, art, accents… adding vintage elements adds character and creates a unique aesthetic that can’t be exactly replicated.

03 Invest in Quality Bedding – there is nothing like crawling into bed at the end of a long day, and quality bedding can add so much to the quality of your sleep. This super soft Belgian Linen bedding (sheets, duvet, comforter, or quilt) will stand the test of time.

04 Personal Touches – add personal elements that bring you joy… like silhouette art of the kids, handmade pillows, foraged branches from your yard… so many ways to add personalization.

05 Layers & Life – soften the space with layers, linen curtains or linen shades, light a candle, or bring in greenery with plants or foraged branches.


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