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We are a husband & wife creative team dedicated to creating original content and being a valuable source of inspiration for simple and intentional home/lifestyle design.

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We fully understand the importance of presence in this digital world. Having backgrounds in Graphic Design & Photography, and a keen eye for intentionality and simplicity, we aspire to create professional content to elevate your brand.

We believe the home embodies growth, passion fuels positivity, and building an intentional home inspires wholesome living. Our mission is to continue to inspire our readers with honest content and sharing with them the brands we love. Known for our neutral aesthetic, we were mentioned “Endless Styling Ideas for a Neutral Space” by Country Living Magazine. We value ourselves as artists and the content we create.

Laine and Layne is a home and lifestyle brand located in Northeast FL. Through simple and intentional design, we hope to inspire you to create a wholesome home.