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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping — December 14, 2019

Alright you guys, here it is- our master gift guide for this year full of tried and true products we love and own, products we are purchasing, and some items on our wish list! We truly hope this guide helps make shopping a little bit easier on you this holiday season! See below for a complete breakdown and descriptions of each item…

  1. Casper Glow Light – We have two of these and absolutely love them! We use them every night as night lights for our boys and they also come in super handy during the middle of night… or for any of you waking up for night time feedings. They automatically dim as you fall asleep and you can schedule them.
  2. Beanie – I have this one in black and this color is on my wish list this season.
  3. Homebody Sweatshirt – absolutely love this new color that was released this year.
  4. Personalized Kid Book – we are ordering our three year old one of these this Christmas of his favorite people and pets!
  5. Spiral Gold Earrings – what I am putting in my stocking this year 😉
  6. The Most Comfortable Flats – a couple of these are on my wish list! They come in so many beautiful colors.
  7. Coffee Mug Gift Set – Our most favorite mugs, hands down. We are ordering these for Justin’s parents this year.
  8. Chemex – if you know us, you know we can’t live without this. We recently converted my parents from a regular coffee maker to one of these and even they get it!
  9. Firewood Holder – love how functional and well made this is! On Justin’s wish list.
  10. Motherhood Line Drawing – beautiful drawing by one of my favorites, Chelsea Petaja
  11. Ceramic Diffuser – We love this diffuser, and it’s so beautiful to display.
  12. Phone Case – also on my wish list!
  13. Nike Suede Shoes – on Justin’s wish list!
  14. Gold Rings – We absolutely love how this one can be engraved on the inside.
  15. Personalized Calendar – Not only can you customize the photos each month, you can add text to special days of the year and the photos are perforated so you can tear them off easily and keep them once the month is over.
  16. Leather Bracelet – Justin has several of these and love that you can personalize them and add engraving.
  17. Perfume – my go-to perfume!
  18. Linen Robe – 100% Linen light taupe robe which is super affordable and would be the perfect gift for your parents or grandmother!
  19. Marble & Wood Cutting Board – The perfect hostess or homebody gift!
  20. Bluetooth Speaker – we own this one and use it every day! It really is an awesome gift!
  21. Kid’s Doctor Case – love how sweet this is and our boys would love it!
  22. Maps Book – Ordering this perfectly illustrated book for our seven year old.
  23. Handmade Jewelry Dish – such a beautiful handmade gift!
  24. Custom Book of your loved one’s life story – we are ordering this for my parents this year! Such a wonderful idea and will make the best keepsake and heirloom.
  25. Hand Blender – We own this one and it is amazing! Such a wonderful gift for your mom or that special cook in your life!
  26. Palo Santo Bundle – my favorite place to purchase natural and handmade gifts! (you can use our code LL15 for 15% off your order or LL25 for $25 off $100+)
  27. Coffee Mugs – These mugs are perfect and we will no doubt be purchasing these for each other lol
  28. Hand Towel – stunning hand towel which would pair perfectly with another kitchen accessory or #29
  29. Hand Soap – Cashmere & Fig is our favorite hand soap, hands down!
  30. Personalized Photo Book – We order these books every year of our boys to gift to my mom. We made them for our boy’s births, and each school year of our oldest son. My mom cries every year, they really are the best gift!
  31. Luxury Organic Sheet Set– THE BEST SHEETS hands down! These would make the ultimate gift!
  32. Men’s Grooming Kit – I purchased two of these for Justin and my dad a couple of years ago and they still get used all the time! I use it too! Such a great stocking stuffer.
  33. Shun Knife– Shun knives are my favorite knives and while they are a little pricey, this one is a really awesome price and makes the best gift!
  34. Laser Tape Measure– after seeing some of our friends with this, this guy is definitely being purchased as a gift this year!
  35. Savor, Down To Earth, This Is Home – I always go back to these for inspiration.
  36. Brass Coaster Set – on my wish list!
  37. Table Lamp – Love how simple and unique this lamp is!
  38. Nike Tennis Shoes – Last but not least, another one of Justin’s favorites!

PS- Check back soon for a roundup of last minute DIY gifts!

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