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2022 Vision and Inspiration Board + Project List

Projects — January 6, 2022

I mentioned yesterday in Instagram Stories that I use to design these inspiration boards all of the time when Justin and I use to photograph weddings, styled shoots, and family sessions… they were an important tool for us to utilize to ensure our vision along with the vendors and clients were all on the same page in order to create beautiful and cohesive results. In this business, however, I haven’t practiced this and have just sort of created on the fly or as new projects would arise. There is nothing wrong with this, and sometimes we create our best work sort of last minute, but I will admit there were a few projects last year that felt a bit… off brand. Going into this new year with all of the amazing hopes and aspirations, I want to ensure the work we are creating is not only on brand and reflective of us, but that it is cohesive, beautiful, authentic, and relatable.

In this post, I am going to share tips on how you can make your own inspiration board and why I think they are a good tool to reference throughout the year.

Our 2022 Inspiration Board

Sources :

Un-Fancy, Moore House Design, The Great, @yomargey, Emilie Anne Szabo, M.K. Sadler, Ruby Atelier, @theeclecticdiary, @katiejameson

Our Vision :

As you can see in our board above, we have chosen imagery, words, and colors that are inspiring us for this year. You will see some interior and exterior inspiration, as well as lifestyle inspiration all while being heavily imagery based. As many different roles as Justin and I carry throughout this business, at the base of it all, we are photographers. This is where our passions always stem, so this year, we are anticipating to share more from our own unique perspectives.

I am also looking forward to sharing more relatable content and areas I am also passionate… whether that be my wardrobe, motherhood, recipes… I am excited to share it all in a cohesive way.

I have also been really drawn to the warmth in design lately- warm tones, warm patterns, warm imagery…

Each image that I have chosen for this board evokes a certain feeling or ignites something within to create and that is exactly what I want.

You may also notice I have included 3 images of our own, one organic film photograph, one interior shot of our dining room from last year, and one motherhood image. By including our own imagery, it makes the board feel more attainable and relatable.

Project List for 2022 :

  • Main Bedroom – adding beadboard and paint to the walls, window treatments, bedding…
  • Kitchen – cosmetic upgrades, gallery wall, pantry and organization
  • Laundry & Closet
  • Exterior – finish painting and landscape
  • Boy’s Bedroom – finish painting and LEGO storage organization
  • Sunroom – finish floors, art & lighting
  • Back Entry – lighting & art
  • Front Porch – add wood trim
  • Garden – consultation & possible garden area?!
  • Passion Projects – really excited to be working on this for a special couple, more details soon!

How to Make An Inspiration Board :

Step 01 – Start by gathering images that inspire you and screenshot/save them to a new album in your camera roll or folder on your desktop. Try to keep it between 10-20

Step 02 – Determine what it is that is inspiring you about those images: the overall feeling it evokes, the colors, textures, pattern… make sure all of the images work together and look cohesive.

Step 03 – Think of words and colors that are inspiring you in this season that you would like to add into your board.

Step 04 – Be sure to include your own images in your roundup… this will make your inspiration board feel more relatable and attainable once it is finished.

Step 05 – You can compile your images in a Word document or the Pages app (which is what I use to do), or you can create a custom board in Photoshop, but for sake of time, I used Canva and chose two templates from their Mood Boards Photo Collage category and uploaded my folder of images, changed colors, fonts, words… until I was happy with how they looked all together and then I exported both designs and combined them together to make one board.

Step 06 – I recommend setting this as your desktop, wallpaper on your phone, or just having it in your camera roll and some place where you will be able to reference it for a constant reminder.

Things to Note :

While these boards are more popular in the creative industry, you do not have to be in our industry to take advantage of the benefits of creating an inspiration board. For example, say your goals for this year are to be more present as a mother, get outside and enjoy nature, to garden, to try new recipes, or to visit the ocean… all of these are things you can use to inspire an overall vision for your board to help keep you focused on your hopes and aspirations for this new year.

I know this post was word-heavy, if you’re still reading, bless you! If you decide to create your own inspiration board for 2022, we would love to see it so be sure you are following us on Instagram and tag us!

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