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Best Of August

Shopping — September 13, 2021

After thinking over the products we have recently purchased, and what we love or didn’t love, I thought it would be neat if we started a ‘Best Of’ series every month where we highlight products purchased from the previous month and give you our honest feedback. So, here’s our Best of August!

01 Madewell Denim – I am basically living in these!

02 Hannah Winters Art – love the square format to this print.

03 Facial Steamer – yes, I was influenced, and yes this product is worth it! I enjoy using this a couple times a week before bed. It took a couple of uses to get use to the faint smell that the heated steam produces. You can also use essential oils with the steamer which is perfect for when my allergies are bad and I need something to help open my nasal passages before bed.

04 Hand Held Torch – we first heard of this product from Liz & Jose when they showed how they use it on the weeds that grow in between their pavers so we decided to give it a try for all of the grass and weeds that grow in our granite rock driveway.

05 Organic Cotton Baby Set – we got this set for August and love it! The quality is great and we love that we can mix and match the pieces in the set depending on the day’s weather.

06 BondiBoost Shampoo & Conditioner – I shared last month that I was starting a new haircare system to hopefully help my hair recover from the postpartum hair loss and I was not expecting to have results after only one month of use, but the new growth is insane! I am sharing more in stories today! You can use our code LAINEANDLAYNE20 for 20% off any purchase!

07 Dining Chairs – spoiler alert!! These are our new dining chairs and the quality and finish are so beautiful! I love that you can see the wood grain in the matte black finish. Dining Room reveal is coming soon!

08 Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm – I usually only wear Vaseline or this lip wrap on my lips since they tend to dry out so easily, but this tinted lip balm has been perfect for when I want a little bit of added color.

09 Portraits of Home Coffee Table Book – we follow Disc Interiors on Instagram and am always inspired by their designs, so we purchased their book and I love the olive green cover color which is perfect for the upcoming season. The book is also a larger size which makes it great for layering.

10 Oil Diffuser – I wasn’t expecting to love these, but gosh, they smell so good! We have the Intention and Daydream scents in both of our bathrooms.


Bathroom Sources


August’s Outfit

Handmade Vase


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