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Front Porch Reveal Part One

Design — May 18, 2021

I always get nervous on reveal days- I think because I know how much time and energy we have invested in these spaces and how they become intimately personal to us as we spend our days in them and then to share them so publicly not knowing how they will be received always leaves me holding my breath… until right after we hit publish or post and I exhale.

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Today, we are sharing Part One of our Front Porch Makeover. You may remember our front porch makeover last spring where we painted our porch floors, but truth is, we knew this space had a lot more potential. When thinking about our front porch and the vision we had for it, we decided to give it the updates it deserved!

We laid concrete pavers down (same as the ones in our sunroom), painted our exterior in one solid color (Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace), added a wall sconce, and brought it to life with accessories from Pottery Barn’s summer collection!

Laying the pavers was one of the best decisions we made. They elevated the space both physically and visually. The pavers are from Tremron Pavers and even though they have very comparable pavers and colors, this specific color (Tumbled Cream Buff) is no longer made. These pavers were recycled- they were laid around my parent’s pool almost twenty years ago and when they remodeled, we laid these in our sunroom and now here. We will share a post soon on how we laid the pavers on top of our concrete floor and what materials we used, but in the meantime, you can watch our Instagram stories in our Front Exterior highlight for the step by step.

We planted a variety of succulents in the medium sized Concrete Fluted Planter, and a Dwarf Olive Tree in the tall sized Concrete Fluted Planter. We love how substantial these two planters are and how they fill the space perfectly.

We had our electrician come over and wire for the sconce- he just tied it in with the overhead light which is on it’s own switch separate from our ceiling can lights. I love how much it adds to the space!

We contemplated painting our front door since we were afraid the black would be too much contrast with the white exterior, but after hanging the lights up, we decided to keep it! What do you think? Would you have painted it a softer color or kept it?

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We will be sharing Part Two next week which will include the seating area and the rest of the front porch! In the meantime, we hope you enjoyed Part One!


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