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How to Transition Your Home After The Holidays

Design — January 15, 2024

It’s that in between the holidays and spring period where you are longing for warmer days ahead but also in the thick of winter weather where your mind and body are telling you to rest. But what about your home?

Take the time to create a restful space for you and your family this winter season- to read a book together, listen to music, play a game… 

Below I am sharing some tips to help you get started!

Get the Look

If you’re new here, this is our sunroom- which use to be our screened in back porch until we enclosed it to add square footage to our home. This space has looked quite different over the last few years. You can click here to see all of the different variations of this room.

Simple Tips to Help You Transition Your Home From the Holidays to Winter

01. Bring in Greenery to Liven Up the Space

Some areas are probably still feeling a bit bare after taking down the tree and garlands… greenery is a great way to liven up any space.

02. Focus on Cozy Layers with Pillows and Throws

No doubt it is COLD… having pillows and throws loosely styled in areas makes it easy for you and your family to grab and curl up with.

03. Add in the warmth of Candle Glow and Table Lamps to Create the Perfect Ambiance

I love using candle sconces in rooms to add candle glow along with table lamps… remember these sconces I found at a local antique store a few months ago, I finally decided to add them in here next to this antique mirror Justin and I made.

Currently burning Oak and Orange Blossom and it smells so refreshing and warm!

04. Add a Personal Touch: Rotate Family Photos in a Bowl for your Kids to Look Through

There are many different ways you can add a personal touch for your kids to enjoy on your coffee table… whether you style sea shells, pine cones, leaves, rocks… that you and your kids collect in nature together; or place some family photos in a bowl for you and your children to look through. We had these prints printed at Artifact Uprising.

05. Keep a Basket of your Favorite Books, Puzzles, or Games Close By…

I love this artisan made basket that can help to keep everything organized. Keeping books or puzzles and games in eyesight means you are more likely to pick them up and actually use them!

I love how all of the colors came together in this space, especially the subtle blues like in this ottoman.

Here’s to more lived in spaces this year that exude warmth and togetherness.


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