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Natural Fall Tablescape

Design — October 10, 2019

Last week on Instagram, we shared…

“Somewhere in the middle of working on our son’s room and sending emails, we felt the urge to want to create something.

Immediately I was discouraged we had nothing “new” to share… no fresh florals, no fall foliage (everything here in Florida is either green or dead ?) but I shopped around the house again, went outside and foraged some branches (and weeds) and put together this simple fall tablescape in about 20 minutes. I don’t know who needed to hear it today, but look around at all that is around you… with a little imagination and passion, you’re bound to create something you’re proud of (without buying something “new” to share).”

…and I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on this subject in today’s post. Too often in this business where we are constantly creating content to share, either for brands or just for our readers and ourselves, we feel the urge to go buy something new to style and photograph within our home- either a vase, or tea towel, or a new sweater to wear… whatever it may be, and whoever needs to hear it, you don’t always have to buy ALL the things. Just because there are things in our home that we see everyday or may be tired of, doesn’t mean other people are tired of it or it doesn’t mean if you work with what you have and view it in a new way, you won’t be tired of it anymore either. Try looking at the vase you do have in a different way by adding some fresh branches from outside in it, and placing it in a new area of your home… or that sweater from last season that you loved but now want this season’s version? Try adding an accessory, layering, or simply adding a belt and tucking the sweater in… try something different first and see if it works.

Our tips for styling a natural fall tablescape

01 Head Outside

Feeling discouraged and wanting to create something, we immediately set down our phones and walked outside and looked around… we noticed our neighbor’s tree that had branches hanging over on our property that we had never noticed the beauty of before. I had Justin cut a couple of branches off while I gathered some fall-toned dried weeds, leaves, and moss from the yard to arrange in a smaller vase together. We placed a tall skinny glass vase filled with water inside the big found vase and arranged the clipped branches inside the vase. The simplest way to create a natural tablescape, is to simply head outside and look at the beautiful nature surrounding you, and bring that inside.

02 Layering

When placing two or more items together in the center of the table, we like to have a tray or something to corral everything together- it tricks our eye to see all of the items as a whole instead of all being individual items on to the actual table. We tried a few different trays and cutting boards, but ended up landing on this found pizza board and placing a simple linen tea towel over it to break up all of the wooden tones.

03 Candlelight

We love having candles on our dining table to create a cozy and inviting aesthetic. We like to keep our candles unscented at the table to make sure other scents don’t interfere with the meal.

We hope this post inspires you to bring some of the beauty that surrounds us every day outdoors, in.


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