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Our Guest Bathroom + Tips for Making it Inviting!

Design — August 23, 2019

This post is sponsored by Boll & Branch. All content including opinions are always our own. Thank you for supporting our blog and the brands we love to share!

We are so excited to share our Guest Bathroom with you today, plus the tips we use to ensure it is an inviting space for our guests!

Tip #1 : Luxury Organic Towel Set

We love having a complete towel set (& extra washcloths) ready for our guests! This set from Boll & Branch comes with 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths. They are 100% organically made with cotton only and have no harsh chemicals or pesticides, so it’s safe for all sensitive skin! You can use our exclusive discount code 50LAINEANDLAYNE for $50 off of your order of $200 or more!

Tip #2 : Plush Waffle Robe

Having an over-sized extra soft robe for guests to slip on whenever they need is a nice and luxurious way to provide comfort and relaxation! We especially love having this robe for our guests since our Guest Bathroom is not an en-suite and they will have to walk a few steps from the bathroom to their room.

Tip #3 : Artwork

Artwork brings life to a space and helps set the overall feel. Depending on your style, you could include a modern illustration or painting, or a vintage piece like we chose here.

Tip #4 : Fresh Greenery or Florals

Speaking of bringing life into a space, adding greenery or fresh florals will not only do this but they will immediately make the space feel more inviting, fresh, and relaxing. We love to pick up some fresh florals at our local grocery store or forage some from our yard just before guests arrive.

Tip #5 : Convenient Wooden Bath Tray

We made our Bath Tray from leftover antique barn wood by cutting two pieces the same size and placing them side by side across the tub. We added four surface bumpers on the underneath side to protect the bathtub and also help keep the tray from sliding. These trays are convenient for guests and make for a fun place to style with towels, a bath brush, soap and a candle!

Tip #6 : Including Your Favorite Skincare & Beauty Brands

We love being able to share our favorite brands with our guests and that includes stocking the bathroom with skincare and beauty brands we stand behind and love. In our guest bathroom, you can find this hand soap and room fragrance spray, and this serenity roller and other skincare products!


(If sources are not listed, they are either vintage, handmade, repurposed, or no longer available. If you have a question about anything, leave a comment below!)

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