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Samsung Frame TV & Media Cabinet Styled for Fall

Design — September 22, 2020

Happy first day of fall! Can you believe it? Seems as though we have been in preparation of a new season for quite some time now, and waking up this morning to crisp air and sunshine was the perfect way to welcome in that new season.

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Today, we are sharing our TV media cabinet in our living room and answering all of your questions on sources and how you can recreate this exact same look!

First, yes, THAT is our TV! We have owned Samsung’s The Frame TV for almost three years now and absolutely love it. We love the clean and minimal aesthetic is provides, how flush it sits against the wall, the fact that you have the ability to easily swap out the frame color (click here for the one we have) AND artwork, and the picture and sound are also great!

We tend to change the artwork with the seasons, you can see our spring look here, and our summer look here. We love using vintage digital downloads with minimal tones so the TV appears more like a piece of art than a TV.

A Few Tips – when you upload the artwork to your TV, remove the mat, turn the brightness down and adjust the warm/cool tones to what looks most realistic with the natural light in your room.

We wanted to use a media console or cabinet that offered storage and completely hid our electronics and wiring. After some quick research, we landed on the BESTA wall cabinets by IKEA. The backs of these cabinets are open, so we hung them just high enough to enclose our electric outlets. The left side of the cabinet is filled with blankets and pillows and right side with our TV box, DVD player and other electronics.

Get the Look – BESTÅ frame with dimensions 47x15x15. Be sure to add 2 suspension rails if you want to hang it on the wall like we did. You will also need to add 2 LAPPVIKEN 23 5/8×15 doors and hinges to your order to complete the look seen here!

We completed the look by stacking fresh firewood underneath for added texture and warmth and easy storage since our wood-burning fireplace is located just to the right of that window and starts getting used as soon as the temps drop below 50º 😉

This fall, we styled this area using pine cones, chocolate cosmos, some fallen branches from the yard and layered art. I know we say it all the time, but nature truly is the best styling element.


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  1. Ashlyn says:

    Love this! It’s so neutral and calming. Could you share a picture of the whole wall? We have a similar wall in our house and I’m thinking about doing a media cabinet/Samsung TV as well.

    • Yes, we will share that soon! If you look through our living room posts or photos on Instagram, the entire wall consists of our Media TV area, a window, our fireplace, another window, and then our front door.

  2. Jenna says:

    Because I searched Samsung Frame on Pinterest to see how it looks styled, I found the perfect Besta combination for my space. Thank you!

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