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Turkish Towels and How We Like To Use Them

Design — August 30, 2021

Do you remember when we use to sell Turkish Towels in our shop?? They were one of our most popular items that we couldn’t keep in stock and even after closing our shop, we still continued to receive inquiries about where you can get them… so I’m really excited about today’s post and to share Eastern Woven with you! We even have a 25% coupon for you at the bottom of this post!

This post is sponsored by Eastern Woven. All content and opinions are always our own. Thank you for allowing us to share the brands we love to support.

Not only are Turkish towels traditionally known to be used as bath towels, and of course they are a beautiful compliment to any bathroom! There are different ways we like to use and style Turkish Towels.

From Eastern Woven, “Their multi-use functionality and aesthetic design mean that these ‘towels’ can also be used as a beach wrap, baby cover, picnic blanket, tablecloth and even a shawl besides bath towel…”

Here’s How We Like To Use Turkish Towels

  1. To bring in pattern and organic texture to any bathroom.

They even have beautiful hand towels too!

2. As a light throw or picnic blanket outside.

3. For your baby and littles whether around the house or on vacation.

How sweet is this matching robe and towel for Mama & Babe?!

You can find me living in this cotton and linen Kimono from now on… I love the thick cuffs on the sleeves, the deep pockets and the length!

4. Layering on your headboard to bring in texture and pattern.

I love using Turkish Towels to layer on our headboard for when I want an added pattern or just a subtle change. You can see we also did this here, with a Turkish Towel we use to carry in our shop!

All towels and robe are from Eastern Woven. You can use code LL25 for 25% off your order!


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