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15 Pregnancy Must Haves & Maternity Photos

Lifestyle — November 7, 2020

This is my 3rd pregnancy and possibly my hardest… as grateful as I am for the opportunity to carry a beautiful little life, the sickness, aches, pains, and triumphs pregnancy brings on my body is never easy… but always worth it. I have tried to be as open as possible on Instagram this pregnancy (you can view our highlight here) and hearing so many of you going through the same symptoms and being able to chat with you has truly been so comforting.

For me, my symptoms started at 5 weeks pregnant and began to subside around 15 weeks. Some of my main symptoms included nausea, dry-heaving, vomiting, hives/dermatographia, constant sour taste in my mouth/excess salivation (still dealing with this at 35 weeks pregnant and certain foods cause the sour taste to worsen), sore breasts and nipples, dizziness and headaches, heartburn and indigestion.

Below, I rounded up my top 15 pregnancy must haves through this entire pregnancy and am sharing each one with you below as well as some extra tips that I found helped with the nausea and vomiting.

01 Yeti Tumbler : For whatever reason, starting early on, the only liquids I could stomach was ice cold water. Having this tumbler to carry with me or to just keep on my nightstand to keep my water cold kept me hydrated.

02 Promptly Journal : This is the baby book I used with my last baby and with this one, and having this journal during the pregnancy to fill out different milestones helped keep my mind busy and content.

03 Sherpa Slippers : Being that most days are spent in comfy clothes, having comfortable slippers to keep my swollen feet happy has been key.

04 Cocoa Butter : I have used this every pregnancy for my belly and other areas to keep soft. I have also found it helps with itching as your belly begins to expand.

05 Hydrating Gel Tonic : I use this all natural hydrating gel tonic by Ambersea Apothecary on my face every night before applying my night cream to keep my skin balanced and soft.

06 Arnica Roll On : I started using this around 30 weeks on my lower back and hips when the pain started to set in. It helps so much, especially during the night and the roll on applicator makes it easy to apply.

07 Serenity & Peppermint Oils : I diffused Peppermint oil a lot in the beginning to help with the nausea and the Serenity which includes lavender, I diffuse at night to help me sleep.

08 Vitruvi Diffuser : Speaking of diffusing, this is the one I use and drop around 10 drops of oil at a time and diffuse intermittently.

09 Nausea Relief Bands : Thanks to a friend for recommending these, I would wear these throughout the day during the first and second trimesters to help with the nausea.

10 Comfy Pajamas : Having loose fitting clothing and pajamas is key to help maintain a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

11 Comfy Bralette : I have found this bra to be the most comfortable and least constricting this pregnancy.

12 High Wasted Underwear : These underwear are great and so comfortable during pregnancy and postpartum- especially for cesarean mommas!

13 Maternity Pillow : This is something I never used in my last 2 pregnancies but with the severe hip pain I started to experience, I decided to try one after finding pillows in between my legs weren’t helping enough. I researched the best ones and landed on this one and have been extremely happy with it- especially for flipping back and forth from side to side during the nights.

14 Maternity Jeans : Invest in 1 or 2 good pairs of maternity jeans. I rotate between these and my black pair.

15 Cozy Robe : Comfortability is key during pregnancy and having a soft robe to just throw on when you need to makes all the difference. I will also be packing this one in my hospital bag.

Additional things that I found helpful to subside and keep the nausea and vomiting at bay :

Eating constantly / also discovered early on that protein was key so I constantly snacked on nuts and cheeses.

Eating something at least 30 minutes before bedtime / I would make a scrambled egg and half of an english muffin every night around 9:30pm to help with the nausea through the night.

Ginger chews and hard candy peppermints / these helped throughout the day and I would always make sure to never leave the house without a stash in my purse.

Find a routine and something comforting to look forward to every day / every day, if I could, after breakfast I would watch The Holiday (my favorite movie) to help distract my mind from the sickness.

Listen to your body, you will find things that help and just know this is all a season and things will subside and pass at some point- regardless if it is soon or not. And, if you need medicine to help get you through, don’t feel bad about that either. I had to take Zofran with all 3 pregnancies just to be able to eat and function.

Dress : Free People | Sweater : Gap | Striped Linen Bedding

Thankful Justin captured these moments the other day as the sun was setting in our bedroom… we officially have only 4 weeks to go until baby girl arrives and only about 20 more projects to wrap up 😉 Stay tuned for a lot of new content coming soon!!

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