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Closet Check In : Our Favorite Features & What We Would Change

Design, Projects — July 10, 2023

It’s been two months since we completed our closet and I thought it would be fun to do a two month check-in and share all of the details we love most and also one thing we would change…

Overall, I can’t tell you how nice it is to have an organized space that we spend so much time in- if you missed the reveal post and want to see what it looked like before, read all about it here!

Denim Bar

I have always folded my jeans, but when we installed this closet system, I knew I wanted to hang my jeans- I folded them in and hung two belt loops on garden S hooks that slide right onto the bar! It is so much easier to see my jeans now and I love that they don’t get wrinkled from being folded.

Cabinet Storage

I love having this glass enclosed storage for my delicate sweaters and other pieces of clothing to protect from dust… I have been toying with the idea of adding a curtain to the inside of the glass door, like this.

Linen Boxes

Love having these linen storage boxes for storing t-shirts, pajamas, and winter clothing/accessories. It makes for a clean look and easy storage… we have both open boxes and lidded and I definitely recommend both!

More Linen Storage

These drawer storage organizers are so nice for jewelry, belts, and other accessories like wool combs, buttons…

Accent Lighting

I love adding accent lighting like this $30 battery-powered picture light and lamps to spaces to create a cozy aesthetic… it’s also been great for when we have lost power- being able to still see in here!

DIY Stool

We purchased this unfinished stool and recovered the seat and stained the wood to match our laundry counter in here… the stool has been nice for laying out clothes and also to have a place to sit to put on or take off shoes.

Electrical Panel Cover

We use to have our white floor mirror hanging here to cover the electrical panel but when we were designing this space, I knew I wanted the mirror to go in between the two closet systems which left the electrical panel exposed… so Justin built a simple wood cover and we added a brass hook on it for hanging storage! It’s been a great place to hang things that need to be steamed as well.

What We Would Change

SHOE STORAGE!! Currently we have shoes stored on top of our closet system and on the floor underneath but when designing this closet space, we didn’t think about shoe storage so if we could go back I would allot a specific area for shoe storage in here. I love this shoe storage idea!

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Looking for more closet inspiration?

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