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Fall Bedroom Inspiration + The Softest Rug We’ve Ever Owned

Design — October 11, 2021

The fall and winter seasons are all about incorporating beautiful cozy layers, textures, and warm accents… and what is more cozy than an unbelievably soft rug? Seriously, this is the softest rug we have ever owned!

This is the Loloi Margot in Antique/Sage, and we love the warmth it brings to our bedroom!

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We kept the bedding layers pretty simple with a white linen quilt and linen striped duvet without the insert (I have recently found that I am more drawn to the simplicity of the layers without the duvet insert).

We also added matching table lamps to our nightstands along with our vintage handmade sconces and it really balances out the space. I plan on replacing the lampshades at some point, but these linen shades are simple and beautiful in the meantime. PS- these lamps are more beautiful in person than the stock photos online- the bases are matte, not shiny, and we spray painted the chrome neck/threaded tube gold to match our sconces.

I shopped the house for patterned pillows to pull this look together, I love the layered neutral lumbars including this textured natural lumber which is from Amber Lewis new collection with Loloi!

We recently added this chair we have had for years to this corner in our bedroom and layered a sheepskin rug over it for added texture during these cooler months.

Now, onto the other side of our bedroom which we haven’t shared before! We use to have a six-drawer white IKEA dresser in our bedroom that we got right before August was born to double as storage and a changing table. Last minute, we decided to try and switch the dresser with the cabinet in her nursery to see how they look and I am so glad we did! The dresser fits better in her nursery, and the cabinet in our room, especially since I am wanting to add a floor mirror in our room at some point and we needed more wall space.

The cabinet is quite a bit taller than the dresser was, so we added a smaller vintage mirror we had on hand, artwork, and balanced it with a large vase filled with dried branches.

This cabinet has a slight khaki green tint to it which is perfect paired next to our rug in here. In a perfect world, I would replace this cabinet with a tall vintage dresser, but until that perfect piece finds us, this one is working just fine!

Lastly, I added this wooden stool with a cozy wool blanket on top to help fill the wall space a little bit better.


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  2. Pam says:

    HI- I am looking at this rug for my dining room – thank you for posting these beautiful real-life photos! It is still hard to tell if the greens in it are “sage” (per Loloi’s description) or teal. Maybe both. I am hoping for an earthier mix of colors, brown/black/fern or sage green. Is that how it reads in person?
    Thank you!

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