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Fall Favorite Target Finds + Tips

Shopping — September 24, 2019

Let’s be honest, we all love Target. Period, nothing else really needs to be said… BUT, we wanted to share a few tips with you that we use when shopping at Target. If you aren’t careful, you can easily compromise the integrity of your home and your own personal aesthetic by wanting it ALL! This is where our tips come in…

Have you ever noticed you go shopping, find products you love, purchase them, come home and perfectly style them and then you start seeing those same products everywhere- whether on social media or your friend’s homes? This is where editing your selections helps to make sure you are really only purchasing products that have a timeless aesthetic to them and will mix well with high end elements and vintage elements within your home.

Training your eye to see beautiful design regardless of the brand is what will keep you loving a product longer than a season. The neutral products we have sourced below could easily be from Pottery Barn, McGee & Co., CB2, West Elm, or any other higher end consumer, but yet, all of these are from Target!

  1. Candle in a beautiful vessel that can be reused
  2. Chunky Knit Blanket looks and feels high end and is only $24 (we have it and love it!)
  3. Stoneware Candle Holders are beautiful and timeless
  4. Tea Towel with perfect tones to love all year round
  5. Ceramic Pitchers to double as shelf decor or used as vases
  6. Modern Lamp that looks high end
  7. Stoneware Bowl to double as a serving bowl or an accent piece in your living room (see below how we styled it)
  8. Brass Accent Table that would pair beautifully with a chair or sofa
  9. Black Metal Candlesticks are perfect to mix with wooden elements or use to create contrast in a space
  10. Candle in a container that is neutral and pretty
  11. Wooden Windsor Bench to use on a porch, entryway or in a bedroom
  12. Large Lumbar Pillow perfect as a neutral element on a bed or in a kid’s room
  13. Stoneware Bowl beautiful enough to sit alone on a table, on top of books, or used to serve your favorite side
  14. Marble Side Table provides a timeless aesthetic
  15. Stoneware Mug perfect for fall and winter
  16. Gray Throw Blanket also perfect for those cooler months
  17. Green Velvet Pillow with a gold zipper
  18. Neutral Jute Rug with Charcoal Stripes perfect to use at your entry (see how we styled it, here!)
  19. Neutral Stadium Cushion perfect for you or the kiddos
  20. Candle of the YEAR


  • Train your eye to see timeless design
  • Don’t get caught up in the latest seasonal items that you will be tired of quickly
  • Look for beautiful candles in vessels that can be reused after the candle burns out
  • Look for ceramic pieces with a handmade aesthetic
  • Look for bowls that can be used as an accent piece, not just for serving food
  • Look for solid pillows with a zipper
  • Look for Pitchers that can be used as vases
  • Look to group pieces together that you wouldn’t see grouped together in store

Was anyone surprised that all of these products can be found at Target? We would love to know if you have your eye on something! Happy Shopping!

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