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Fall Front Porch & DIY Foraged Wreath

Design, Projects — October 3, 2022

Do you remember last year’s fall front porch? We kept things pretty simple this year and let this vintage bench have a moment with a large planter filled with foraged branches, pumpkins, votive candles, and a cozy knit throw. We also placed our new nutmeg doormat and made a wreath and I love how all of the colors and natural elements tie together.

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DIY Foraged Fall Wreath

Last year I made a foraged wreath… which I loved but I used A LOT of elements, twine, a hot glue gun and it took some time. This year, I kept things more simple- I used foraged branches plus dried ferns and a dried flower bunch I purchased earlier in the season, a grapevine wreath, and attached it all with jute twine. I’m share the process below…

I didn’t record a step by step because truthfully these projects are unpredictable and I truly never know how they are going to turn out… but, heres what I did-

I started by using a 14” grapevine wreath (you could also use a 10” for a similar look)

I foraged some seasonal branches and ferns from around our property.

I laid out the branches around the wreath how I wanted, note I focused mainly on the top, bottom, and right side leaving the left side of the grapevine exposed and uncovered.

Pay attention to the direction your branches naturally go, if you want a more organic-looking wreath and not something symmetrical (like this one), arrange some branches on the wreath that go in the opposite direction of the wreath’s bend. You will see I did this especially on the top with that one stem that extends upward and on the side.

After I had a good idea of how I liked the branches, I attached them to the wreath with twine by wrapping all the way around the wreath.

I then started to add in clusters of dried florals and ferns again by attaching them with jute twine.

One I had a good foundation, I started just adding in small pieces of dried ferns here and there to fill in any empty areas. Remember to hold it up constantly so you can get a better idea of how it will look when hanging.

You can add in pieces by simply sticking them into the grapevine wreath or the twine that you used to attach the larger branches.

I hope you try and make a wreath this fall season- something so satisfying about creating something beautiful with your own hands.


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