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Hello 2020

Lifestyle — January 6, 2020

Today is officially our first day back in the office this year and with a clear vision and intentions set, we are more than excited to tackle the year and all of the projects we have planned! We have never been the type to set resolutions for a new year (& actually follow through with them)… it seems as though they would always be the same each year- drink more water, exercise, be more present. The reality is, we aren’t just going to wake up one day and completely change our habits… but making small steps towards intentional goals is something that is quite attainable. This year, we are setting specific intentions and in sharing those intentions with you, our community, hopefully will be inspired to stay focused on them.

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We chose one word that we kept feeling drawn to- Intentional.

INTENTIONAL : done on purpose; deliberate.

Ultimately, we want to be more intentional in 2020- more intentional about how we spend time with our family, more intentional about the time we spend on social media, the blog, and working on projects. More intentional about our design choices and being sure to remain true to ourselves (more on that below). More intentional about how we spend our money or what we spend it on, more intentional about the food we put into our bodies and the products we use every day.

The older we get, the more we see how quickly time passes by- cliche to say I know, but there is no other way to say it. We had a realization that at the end of this new decade, our oldest son will be almost 18 years old and our baby will be a teenager. Realizing that over this past decade of growing our lives and our family, Justin and I have been growing up in front our children’s eyes, too. We want to be intentional about how we start this year to really set the tone for the many years to come.

We want to be more intentional with our design choices and really remain true to our neutral and natural design aesthetic. We love mixing old and new and finding the perfect in between balance. At the end of last year, we decided to stain our mantel black for added contrast and to blend with our holiday decor vision- while we loved it for a short period, we knew we were trying to conform to other design aesthetics and not our own… so one of our first projects of 2020 is a new mantel! Be sure you are following along here!

Our business intentions for this year are to focus more on our blog and being more consistent with our posts and intentional on what we are sharing. Speaking of blogging, we will be launching a brand new website soon which will better serve you and we are so excited to share what we have been working on!

Another thing we have been working on for a while is a digital guide to branding and photography! The guide will include all of the many things we have learned over the years including how to establish your unique brand, the first steps to take, learning photography and your camera, editing, and building a profitable business. We have also been tweaking and finalizing our custom photography presets and will be launching those this year as well!

Since this post is already getting more wordy than we intended it to, we will wrap it up with saying we hope you will find yourself frequenting our online home this year, to see more of what we are up to!

SPOILER : fun organization post coming tomorrow including an upcoming project announcement!!

tell us what you think !

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