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How To Style A Small Entry For Fall

Design — September 28, 2021

Earlier this month, I asked what areas of inspiration you wanted to see styled for fall and an entryway was one of the most requested! We don’t technically have a designated front entryway, but we made one by moving this small antique dresser by our front door to make an entry moment.

For reference – our fireplace is to the left of the window and front door to the right.

Get the Look

Below, I am breaking down step by step how to style a small entry and all you need to create an inviting and welcoming entry moment!

First, start with a clean slate. Clean everything off of your console table, dresser, or whatever surface you are using in your entry.

01. Use books for height variation in seasonal tones to bring in those warm subtle tones and to create layers on your surface.

02. Incorporating ambient lighting, such as a table lamp, is an easy way to create a cozy environment.

03. Try using rope candlesticks as a filler, for any empty space on your surface, to bring in texture and height.

04. Real is always best… but if you don’t have the luxury of living somewhere with beautiful autumnal tones where you can bring the outdoors in (like us in Florida where things go from green to brown… quick) try using beautiful dried florals that will last you all season long.

05. You can use trays and books to help group items together to keep your surface from looking cluttered.

06. Last, incorporate a seasonally scented candle to give your guests that first welcoming sensory impression of home.


Dresser – Vintage



Dried Botanicals

Candleholders – Vintage

Rope Candlesticks

Harvest Moon Candle

Brass Bowl

Vintage Snuffer


Cast Iron Tray – Vintage

Roman Shades

tell us what you think !

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  1. […] recently moved our vintage oak dresser over by our front door to create a fall-styled entry moment, which you can see here. Since moving the dresser, we needed something to fill this space and it needed to be more […]

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