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Master Bedroom Refresh Design Board & Progress

Design, Projects — January 16, 2019

The overall aesthetic we are wanting for our master bedroom is a modern cottage design. From the beginning, we have always called our current home our modern cottage- while we do have some farmhouse inspired elements mixed in, we have tried to stay true to the style of the home by using specific materials and designs in each room. For our bedroom, we knew we wanted to incorporate a vintage inspired plug-in pendant, a striped quilt, vintage artwork, and other elements that reflect a cottage aesthetic. We will then balance the vintage elements with a modern dresser, artwork, and other textiles. Below you can see our overall vision for the space as well as progress photos!

You can shop our Inspiration Board by clicking on the links or photos below :
01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05

Here are a few progress photos of our bedroom. There are some things we are waiting on to add into the space but, at this point we love to look at the progress that has been made and compare it to our inspiration design board to ensure we are on track and everything looks cohesive.

We are absolutely loving our new plug-in pendant, vintage artwork, and coverlet!

Another thing we have been enjoying are our new organic sheets in the prettiest warm white color.

There isn’t much space between the bed and the wall in this little corner, so this vintage-inspired stool was the perfect solution to use as Justin’s nightstand and it adds the perfect amount of warmth to break up the white.

What do you think so far?

tell us what you think !

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