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Simple + Affordable Ways To Update A Bathroom

Design — January 11, 2022

Last year we updated both baths in our home, our main bathroom and our guest bathroom. Today, we are sharing all of the simple updates that we made to refresh both spaces in case you are looking to update a bathroom this year! This post includes simple and affordable ways to make cosmetic upgrades to your bathrooms…

Simple Bathroom Updates To Try.

01. Paint & Stain – while obvious, paint can make the biggest impact in your bathroom. Consider the natural light in your space and the overall aesthetic you are hoping to achieve and pick your paint accordingly. Think creamy whites, mid-tone neutrals, or deep and dark tones (I almost painted our guest bathroom a dark charcoal, like this one). We chose BM White Dove (a creamy white) in our main bath, and SW Skyline Steel in our Guest Bath. 

Maybe you have a vanity that needs to be painted, but if you have a solid wood piece in your bath, consider sanding it down and refinishing it instead of painting. In the photo above, we stained our solid oak vanity a walnut color to match the walnut details in the pendant, and in the images below on the right, we sanded down and refinished the pine vanity to a natural wood tone.

02. Millwork – We have beadboard in both baths which adds interest and character to the older cottage aesthetic of our home. Vertical paneling like tongue & groove is another great option for adding character to the walls- either full wall or 3/4 of the way up.

03. Window Treatments – create interest with unique window treatments. In both baths, we replaced our Roman shades with cafe curtains.

04. Rub’nBuff – Try using Rub’nBuff (my favorite is European Gold, or lately I have been mixing Spanish Copper and Gold Leaf for a beautiful warm brass/antique bronze look) to refinish existing light fixtures, mirrors, curtain rods, like we did in both of our baths.

05. Ditch the Shower Curtain & Glass – Instead, use a regular floor to ceiling curtain like we did in our Guest Bath! (you can just add a liner to the inside to protect the curtain from getting wet)

06. Statement Lighting – consider investing in a statement light fixture… whether handmade or vintage, lighting is one of the best ways to make your space unique.

07. Art – Every space can feel complete with the perfect piece of art. Whether vintage or not, artwork can tie colors together and help to create the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

08. Hardware & Accessories– probably one of the simplest updates but one that can really elevate your bathroom. Try mixing metals, adding hooks or shelves to walls, or replacing a faucet.

See below for all of these tips implemented in our Main Bath (left) and our Guest Bath (right).

Looking for a Source?

Click Here for Main Bathroom Sources

Click Here for Guest Bathroom Sources

We hope this post helps kickstart ideas for your bathroom refresh!

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