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Rustic + Reclaimed Coffee Tables We Love

Shopping — January 21, 2022

Our coffee table is one of the most asked about pieces of furniture in our home. We purchased it from a local furniture store a few years ago and have since fallen in love with this style of coffee table as no two are the exact same! But, with any unique piece of furniture, comes a larger price tag, so today we have rounded up 12 of our favorite rustic and reclaimed coffee tables with a variety of price points starting at just $350! For reference, our coffee table was $750. While we know these are definitely investment pieces, we hope you will be inspired by their unique character that they will add to your home.

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Coffee Table 01 : This one is the most similar to our coffee table and is within the same price point!

Coffee Table 02 : A beautiful rustic table from a shop we love!

Coffee Table 03 : I came across this table and after looking through all of the product photos, I was really impressed! The wood detail is so pretty and very similar to our table and the price point is great!

Coffee Table 04 : I also happened upon this table that is similar to ours and within the same price point!

Coffee Table 05 : While this piece is most likely mass-produced, it is at a great price point that will give you a similar look!

Coffee Table 06 : This vintage table is so unique and full of character!

Coffee Table 07 : This solid oak wood frame has a modern design but with all the rustic character!

Coffee Table 08 : By far the most popular at a great price point, this piece goes in and out of stock all the time so keep an eye out!

Coffee Table 09 : I love searching Etsy for unique pieces, you can see my favorite’s list here, and I found two really beautiful tables in this roundup, including this one!

Coffee Table 10 : This is a reclaimed wood bench but a lot of times you can use benches in place of a coffee table in smaller spaces!

Coffee Table 11 : This piece surprised me and is beautiful, especially if you would prefer a rustic look but with beautiful turned legs.

Coffee Table 12 : Another Etsy find, the tone of this one is so pretty! (use code SUNNYSIDE for 10% off)

Looking for other sources? Check this blog post!

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