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A Seven Day Challenge: Loving Our Home With What We Have

Design, Projects — January 27, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you likely don’t even want to post to your Instagram feed unless you have something ‘new’ to share- a new vase, a new vintage find, a new pillow, new art… and how ridiculous does that actually sound when you stop to think about it?… errr say it out loud like I just did! But there is always such an influence to purchase the latest product, to refresh a space for the changing season ahead, or to wow your following, and while all of this is ok, sometimes it is important to just push your creativity and your contentment.

So, here’s the challenge.

Starting on Monday, we are going to post a photo to our feed every day, for seven days, of a styled area or vignette in our home. The catch? We cannot purchase anything new to share during those seven days. We have to just use what we currently have, reimagine existing products, move things around, give something a makeover… The goal? I am hoping this will kickstart our creativity and open our eyes to what we already have is enough!

How is this different than us just shopping our home? While the ‘shop your home’ is nothing new and we will absolutely be shopping around our home for this challenge, specifically, we are hoping that this will push us to share content every day for seven days of nothing ‘new’, just freshly styled with things we already have.

Need some ideas on how to reimagine old pieces in a new way? See below for a list of ideas including some we are planning on doing for the challenge!

Ideas You Can Do For The Challenge

  1. Rearrange – move something to a new room and style it differently. Note the two images above are of the same pillow, same lamp, and similar art styled differently in two separate areas of our home.
  2. Paint Something – a room, piece of furniture, art…
  3. Update an old lamp – try making a fabric pleated lampshade, refinishing the base, or just switching the shades and bases around.
  4. Move art around – try a gallery wall, try stacking art on top of one another, or maybe just add a piece of art to an unexpected area in your home.
  5. Switch Rugs Around – maybe you have been wanting to try a rug in a different area of your home, maybe switch some things around for a fresh new look
  6. Stain or Sand Something – we have a butcher block top island that we have been wanting to refinish for a while now… we have some leftover stain, so we just might try it!
  7. Bring Some Outdoors In – try bringing some greenery indoors or branches, or whatever you have outdoors that would be bringing nature inside.
  8. Start From Scratch – feel at a complete loss? Start with one area in your home, take everything away or maybe take everything off of a surface and look at the blank slate, find some inspiration, and then use what you have to try and restyle that space.
  9. Layer, Layer, Layer – something feeling like it needs something else? Don’t forget your layers, try stacking coffee table books under a lamp or a tray, try layering a throw blanket over a bench, or maybe just layering art in front of a mirror.
  10. Group Items Together – try grouping items together… vases, books, art. Often times if I feel overwhelmed that I have too much on a surface, I will group 2 of the same item together like vases, or do 3 stacks of books… this helps to calm the eye and make things look cohesive rather than cluttered.

Ok, I hope some of this helped to kickstart your creativity and I hope you join the challenge with us! We will be sharing starting on Monday over on Instagram and here on the blog!

tell us what you think !

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  2. Chris says:

    Hello. I’m new to your Insta and website today! You posts are inspiring me, as I’m in the throse of reworking many rooms in our home. Can you tell me the source of the raw wood dresser, please?

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