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Day One Of Our Challenge: Kitchen Shelf Styling

Design — January 31, 2022

Today, is day one of our Seven Day Challenge… and we are sharing this styled shelf that Justin made a couple of years ago in an effort to add a little bit of English character into our kitchen.

We have some other plans for our kitchen like to add a brass rail above our range to hold vintage copper pots, to refinish and stain our island butcher block top, and to bring in some color or wallpaper to this wall (that this shelf is on), but for now, restyling this shelf with some of my favorite things makes for a nice refresh and brings a smile to my face!

Shelf Styling Tips

When styling a shelf, or really any surface, I usually always want to start with a focal point or a point of reference… for example, this vintage art piece served as a point of reference and was the first piece I added to the shelf.

Next, I always think about incorporating pieces that make sense with the specific area of the home I am styling- I added the layered wood cutting boards to balance the art.

Then I filled the gap in between with some fresh seeded Eucalyptus in a handmade vase.

Since the seeded Eucalyptus mimicked some of those deep red/copper tones in the art, I added a copper candleholder to the other side of the shelf and notice how your eye moves from the seeded Eucalyptus, to the rooftop in the painting, to the copper candleholder.

Because this is a kitchen and we go through hand towels daily, I added two of my favorite linen tea towels from SaltShopHandmades to the pegs.

The last peg was the last thing I styled and I added these new(ish) bells I have had for a few weeks now to bring in some natural texture.

Tomorrow is day two of the challenge and we are sharing something pretty we recently added to our bathroom (plus a roundup)!

Happy Challenge Week, friends!

tell us what you think !

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