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Day Three Of Our Challenge: The Importance Of Color

Design — February 4, 2022

Well, one thing I have learned during this challenge? I’m not very good at challenges (insert cry laughing face)… the challenge was to post one styled area of our home every day for seven days… I did have a rough couple of days and forced myself to rest, so on day five, I am sharing day three 😉 Go at your own pace! Ok, let’s get to it…

Today, I am talking about the important role color can play in a space… I have been paying attention to the colors in objects as I have been styling this past week.

If you saw this post, I briefly talked about color and how you can use it to move your eye around to study different areas of the space. In art school, one of the things you learn is how you can utilize color, shapes, placement and fluidity to move the viewer’s eye around a piece of art- while sometimes this may happen unintentionally by the artist, most of the time this is very intentional.

Notice how your eye wants to move from the candlesticks, to the book, to the greenery encompassing the entire area… that is intentional design.

The key is repetition in color… above I am repeating the mossy green and also the warm brown tones- see how the candle holders, moss, vases, and vintage frame all blend together and become more of textural elements within the design leaving the green tones as the directional pieces.

This takes practice and trial and error- a lot of trying this or that before landing on something that feels right. In the image below where I focused on the table, I love how the background is out of focus but your eye is still able to move around the image by focusing on color.

If anything, I hope this post gives you some inspiration to experiment with color in design and to be more intentional about how and where objects are placed.

Happy Friday, friends! I am looking forward to sharing day four tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Jes says:

    So beautiful and what a great explanation! Wondering if your greens are real or faux? If faux would love your source! Love real greens but have almost no trees in our yard so hard pressed to get real branches very often.

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