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The Laine & Layne Collection with Vintage Supply

Design — June 28, 2021

For the past couple of months, we have worked with Vintage Supply on finalizing a curated collection of 12 beautiful art pieces that are cohesive, neutral, and full of warmth!

Seen here : Seated Woman

We wanted to ensure all of the pieces in our collection would seamlessly go with one another, so if you wanted to pair 2 or 3, you can feel confident in doing so! All of the pieces have similar tones in them and muted variations of color which are so beautiful.

We also included a mixture of landscape paintings, sketches, and abstract art… all of which pair so nicely together. Above we used a large scale abstract piece, paired with a charcoal sketch.

There are different ways to display your art- framed in a modern frame with glass, framed in a vintage frame with no glass, propped unframed on a custom art ledge (seen here), hanging or propped with no frame, on your TV… get creative and think about what your space needs and print your art dependent on your space!

Art can add so much to a space, especially in a kitchen… choosing the perfect vintage frame can help bring the art to life. Seen above is one of our favorite landscapes- Good Evening.

Here is a look at our curated collection, you can see how beautifully all of the tones flow together! Stay tuned for more artwork posts coming this week, like how to print your artwork, how to frame your artwork, and art displayed inspiration!

Do you have a favorite piece? We would love to know!

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