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Backyard Firepit Patio Design Board

Design — July 20, 2022

This may be giving away too much, but I wanted to share our design board and talk through our plans to compare the new design from our old one. I can’t believe it has only been three years since we last revealed our firepit area… for some reason, it seems like it has been a lot longer than that. One of the main things I have learned since then?… is how important SCALE is!

If you remember how this space looked before, we had one small metal love seat and two chairs with our wood-burning firepit and a small side table, the furniture just wasn’t the right scale for the space. The patio area before was also made from irregular stepping stones and river rock… the stones were placed too far apart so it was hard to get the furniture to sit level and it wasn’t the most comfortable to walk on, so we decided to redo the entire space using pavers from our sunroom and pea gravel.

We worked on a few different designs/layouts with the pavers and decided on a square paver pad in the center with a double paver boarder around the outside and pea gravel in between. We did extend the area by a foot on each side so the patio is 14×14 now. Ok, now for the fun part, the design board!

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When redesigning this space, there were a few different layouts we could have gone with, but ultimately, we knew we wanted to keep with a loveseat and two chairs or rockers. We love this durable wood collection, the fact that the cushion covers are removable to be washed, and that this collection had a matching storage bench which is perfect to hold the pillows and kid’s toys!

When choosing the firepit, we decided to go with a propane fueled firepit instead of wood-burning… I wanted to be able to control the flame and didn’t want the smoke or embers that come from a wood-burning firepit. Also loved that this firepit has a matching propane cover side table.

We also decided to upgrade our whiskey barrel planters and the posts that hold our new string lights. You can see how they use to look in this post… I decided to stain the barrels a dark/almost black stain, and we used some leftover cedar planks we had to wrap the 4×4 posts which make them look more finished. We stained the cedar in SW Mountain Ash to match the posts on our front porch. We then hung lantern brackets on each post to hold these mini lanterns. We also planted Limelight Hydrangeas in the whiskey barrels for a fuller/bushier look.

We loved our chalk planters on our front porch so much that we went with the same ones for this area, but decided to go with the darker color for contrast. We planted a large Olive tree in the larger planter and Asian Snow Jasmine in the smaller planter.

And since I know I will get asked, the pavers are from Tremron Group- unfortunately, they are about twenty years old (they use to be around my parent’s old pool area) so our exact color has been discontinued, but they do have similar color options you can view on their website here.

We are scheduled to photograph the space today, tomorrow and Friday… cannot wait to share the reveal with you soon!

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