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Sunroom Refresh Reveal

Design — August 19, 2020

If you were around when we revealed our sunroom back in December last year, you know this space looks quite a bit different today than it did! By only making some simple and budget friendly changes, we were able to create a space that reflects our unique aesthetic and is much more impactful than before!

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One of the main changes we did was install this $48 plug-in swing arm sconce! We needed a light to brighten up this corner since we only have a fan overhead which doesn’t produce the prettiest lighting at night time. We can’t recommend this sconce enough- it is a pretty brass color despite the stock photo, and was the perfect addition in this space.

Vintage art was another thing that really brought that warm feel to this room- we removed our gallery and simplified the art by pairing a landscape and portrait from Vintage Supply. You can save 20% by using code : LAINEANDLAYNE

Stay tuned for our How To Print & Frame Vintage Art tutorial coming next week!

One of the things that has completely transformed this room are our Tilt Smart Roller Shades. We wanted a window treatment that was minimal in looks, filtered light but also provided privacy and the white linen option from Tilt was perfect. Most of these photos were shot with the shades down which allowed for pretty, warm, and even light to fill the room.

You can use our code LAINEANDLAYNE for 10% off your order!

You also don’t have to choose the Smart Automation, you can just purchase the shade which is a more budget-friendly option! The Smart Automation is solar powered which powers the shade and you can either program the shade to raise and lower automatically or you can control the shades any time right from the app on your phone!

Justin built this corner bench- check here for the tutorial post, and we decided to tackle another DIY which is this back cushion. It was a very budget-friendly DIY that really made an impact on this back wall. You can watch the tutorial on how we made it in our Instagram highlights here- DIY Cushion.

We kept the coffee table styling at a minimum for this reveal to really showcase some of the other new elements in this space. This new coffee table book is really beautiful btw.

Adding this real Olive tree (which we found at Home Depot last week), really impacted this corner. We have never had much luck with olive trees indoors here in Florida, so we are anticipating having to move this one outdoors within the next month or so (or as soon as it starts dropping leaves). However, our sunroom is the brightest room in our home, so maybe it will continue to grow… fingers crossed, we will keep you updated!

Oh! You should see what that pot use to look like! Check our Instagram highlight DIY Aged Pot for the tutorial on how we transformed it!

Our olive was a weee bit taller than our 8′ ceilings, so we enjoyed her clippings for a bit in this pretty new vintage inspired vase!

This rug may be one of the most asked about things in this entire room, so we wanted to share this close up photo which is a good representation of it’s olive and charcoal tones (despite the product photos looking maroon and gold).

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  1. Traci says:

    Beautiful space.  I love the simplicity of it and the thoughtfulness of what items were chosen.

  2. Zakia & Co says:

    I’ve searched for a sunroom to use as inspiration for years and I finally found one I love.  You did a beautiful job!

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