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I’ve got fall on my mind, can you tell?? For this week’s Favorite Things, I knew I wanted to highlight some of our personal favorites from Pottery Barn as well as some of their new seasonal items… Shop Our Favorite Things Cozy Pillow Collection – how perfect is this fall tone? Wood Gallery Frames – […]

Favorite Things : Pottery Barn Edition


One area on our project list for this year is our dining room. It has been a while since we have updated this space and it needs it- the caning on our dining chairs are breaking, the table needs to be sanded down, and we have an empty wall that needs some serious attention! While […]

Modern Dining Room Design Board + Tips for Adding Character to a Modern Space


As a family, we always go to our local tree farm the day after Thanksgiving and pick out our tree- it has been tradition and something we love to do. However, this year (since I am almost 9 months pregnant) we have really been considering a faux Christmas tree so we can go ahead and […]

Realistic Faux Christmas Trees & Decor


Like any room in a home, we believe that it is best to slowly collect and curate meaningful pieces that bring you joy… as much time as we spend in our kitchens, I believe this to be especially true. Our kitchen counters and shelves are constantly evolving as we collect and add new (or old) […]

Favorite Kitchen Items


Every time we share our side tables in our bedroom, we get asked where they are from… they were custom designed and made locally to fit our space so while we cannot share the exact source of ours, we wanted to put together a roundup of some comparable options that are just as beautiful! If […]

Oak or Natural Wood Side Table Roundup


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