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I hope everyone had a full Thanksgiving Day, yesterday! I, for one, was quite literally full for hours…haha! Today, I am finishing up our Christmas shopping and wanted to share these guides in the hopes that it provides a little bit of inspiration and to be a helpful reference! The things included in these guides […]

2022 Holiday Gift Guides


Though it isn’t something that is talked about often, I love putting together different looks… in fact, I have been doing this since years back when we use to photograph families. Curating outfits that reflect my aesthetic is something I find so satisfying and fun! I hope you enjoy these seven looks I put together […]

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Inspiration


I honestly can’t believe it is already August! Would you believe me if I told you that July just might be my least favorite month of the year? Fall is our favorite season, and August just seems to be a little bit closer to welcoming those cozy months… and it also happens to be my […]

The July Edit


I was talking to Justin last month about a consistent and cohesive way I can recap what is shared on Instagram each month, and we ultimately came up with The Monthly Edit- an edited recap and best of from the previous month… so today we are welcoming The June Edit! I feel like so much […]

The June Edit


Yesterday in stories I went down to a local thrift store and picked up a few antique frames for some projects we are working on. I shared the process of how we shop for frames, and what we look for to determine whether or not they are antique… today I am sharing all of that […]

Antique Frames : What to Look For, Where to Shop, Plus a Roundup!


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