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How to Turn Chaos into Creativity, Function, and Organization

Design, Projects — May 25, 2023

Do you have a space in your home that harbors anxiety? Maybe a linen closet, your main closet, laundry or mudroom…? Somewhere that could function better for you and your family but you have been putting it off and just living with it…

Below I am sharing 5 simple steps to help you turn chaos into creativity, function, and organization!

If you missed our closet reveal and want to see what the before looked like, head over to this post. If you saw that post, you saw the before… and those befores are what the closet looked like at it’s best. Most of the time the floor was covered, nothing had it’s specific place, it was unorganized and caused me anxiety every time I had to change, get dressed, or wash a load of laundry. Think about how often you spend in a specific space in your home… I can tell you that ever since we dedicated the time to organize this space, it now brings nothing but joy and a sense of calm at the beginning and end of each day.

Step 01

Determine how you want the space to function, how could it be better? Is there something that you can remove or add to make it work better for you and your family?

Step 02

Process of Elimination- are there things within your space that don’t relate to the space or clothes that you do not wear…? Make piles for things you want to keep, donate, throw away, and are unsure of… sort through your things and place them in the appropriate piles.

Step 03

Once the space has been cleared out as much as possible, consider PAINT… even if it is just a closet! Paint adds so much to a space, I would recommend choosing a subtle tone that is calming. We painted our closet Grayish by Clare Paint.

Step 04

Think about the details… here is where the creativity comes in! What details can you add into the space to make it more custom and cozy? Battery powered lighting, lamps, art, rug, ottoman, hooks, mirrors…?

Step 05

Storage- Consider using baskets, linen storage boxes, trays, bowls, or even adding a custom curtain to hide the less aesthetically pleasing elements.

I hope this helps jumpstart your organization project! I know that starting can seem daunting, but once the project is finished, it will feel so rewarding and enjoyable!


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