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Personal Note : Reflection of 2022

Lifestyle — January 2, 2023

Before I can reset and begin to look ahead at all of the possibilities this new year can bring, I need to reflect on what last year held. Like many of you, 2022 was full of trials and triumphs, hardships and joy and with those hardships and trials it’s hard to really go into another year with a positive mindset that this year won’t hold it’s own trials, because I know that it will.

This time last year we were packing up my parent’s home and saying goodbye to the home that was always there for me- the home that held so many memories for me and my little family and the home that I thought would always be there. I shared more about it here.

The following month our entire family was hit with the flu and to our knowledge, it was the first and only time we have all had the flu- it knocked us down for a couple of weeks.

March and early April we finally started to get back to work and dreamed up and built a garden and if I am being honest, the garden saved me. It felt like a creative escape that I could really work at while letting my mind rest. It was rewarding to see all of our success, to grow and eat our own food and to see our children out there too. We didn’t professionally photograph or film the garden last year because I wanted it to feel like our project where we could succeed and fail at and I didn’t want it to feel like our job. I do hope to share more this year as we are already planning for our spring garden. Here’s a few snaps of our garden in 2022.

Late April, my best friend, Christy, was diagnosed with cancer. I held her hand as the oncologist told her and I think that moment will be a part of me forever as one of the worst moments of my life. I shared her journey with all of you on Instagram and will continue to do so. After an extremely difficult year of tests, treatment, bad news, revision treatment, blood and marrow transplant, a hard recovery from transplant, and more tests, we praise God that her test results and scans are best case scenario. Although her disease is incurable, we are trusting in the Lord to give her a long and healthy road ahead! You can read more of her journey here.

Once summer came around, I focused more time in the garden, cooking and sharing recipes with you all and it was something that brought a lot of joy.

Project Recap

We completed projects in 2022 that I am proud of- we built a garden, renovated our pantry, updated our backyard firepit patio, built a hutch for our dining room, transformed our sunroom, and started a few other exciting projects that we will be sharing soon!

A Look Ahead

I know at the beginning of this post I said it is hard to not enter into this year worrying about the trials 2023 may hold, but I am prayerfully holding onto the promise that just as God protected and guided me through last year, He is prepared to do the same this year. I pray that however anxious or ready you may be for this new year that your heart and mind feel comforted and restored and that 2023 may very well be your best year yet.

I know I keep saying it, but thank you all for being here… from the bottom of my heart. YOU have all really felt like wonderful friends and have been such a wonderful community that Justin and I are forever grateful for.

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  1. Robin Dickson says:

    I just came across you on Pinterest and then had to look at your blog. It is amazing. That is one of my goals in 2023 to start a blog. I have spent many years hiding behind my own projects and skills. I have many hardships going into 2023 already and when I looked at your blog it was like a breath of fresh air and it brought me peace.
    On a different note I love your tattoo and wonder if you have a story behind it. I would love a close up of it.

    • Hi Robin, That means so much, I am so glad that our online home brought you a little bit of joy! My tattoo is birds flying along with my firstborn’s birth date that says “forever my love can fly”.

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